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The French River: The best time to come!


The Best Season?

Most people come out in the spring for fishing, which many anglers consider to be the best time of year to fish. Summer is not too bad but there are more anglers on the water competing for fish. One time of year that is often ignored is fall, which some say is the best time for fishing. The Upper French River offers many great fall fishing opportunities for anglers, especially for the anglers who are going after Muskie and walleye.

Winter is also a great time for some ice fishing. As the lakes that dot the French River region begin to freeze over, they afford wonderful opportunities to catch some fish that are hiding below the ice.

No matter what time of year that you fish, there are many opportunities to catch the fish of your dreams. You can cast off from the docks, a boat or the shore and have a great amount of success in this amazing corridor of fishing.

The French River has something for everyone and should be on the list of places that a person chooses to visit whenever they are in the Southern Ontario area.